Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas and a happy $15k to you

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, for me it was a nice break from poker for a few days.

I have not been doing to well this month, running at break even point, that was until last night when i managed to take the $15k down on Tribeca again, it was a very good comp for me, i picked up a stack early and never really looked back, had an unlucky spot on the final table but i outdrew my way out of it and then played the most passive HU game ever, 45 minutes and he never raised a hand!

I am going to post a few hands in a separate post when i sort them out so i can post some thoughts up, i played some hands in a very unorthodox manner.

I am updating a few things on the blog, i have added two new bloglinks, the claimer and Alex Martin, both play a fair bit on Tribeca, however they have massively different styles, both blogs are a good read.

I will also be adding a banner when i can figure out how, its for DTD and will take you directly to this page where you can download the DTD software, please note there is a $25k freeroll at the end of Jan for new players, it breaks down like this:

1st = $15,000 WSOP Package
2nd = $4,000
3rd = $3,000
4th = $2,000
5th = $1,000

If you download via the link above, or by clicking the banner you are eligible to play this raked hands freeroll just by making a deposit! as well as receiving 30% rakeback.

I almost forgot, i have been engaged in a rather amusing debate on the hendon mob forum with a chap named Mick McCool, i will post a summary of it once the thread has died, its most amusing.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's been a while

I have been wanting to get this blog moving again with a nice win of some sort, sadly i am not doing to well this month, at the time of writing i am -$133 for the month, lol.

Singapore was great fun, i didn't last too long in the main event running 23 into 92 on a 239 board. There is not a whole lot you can do in those situations.

I played some of the side events, i finaled in the $300 FLHE event with a whole 500 chips with the level at 1500-3000, lol. I went deep with a big stack in the $500 as well but busted out just before the money with AKs vs QQ.

The week after i went to Vegas and stayed at the fabulous Venetian hotel, what an impressive place that is, with a great card room and the best of the 'cheap' MTT's $180 gets you 5k and a 30 minute clock. I didn't do any good in it thought but that was never the purpose of the trip, i only played 2 serious sessions of poker. One was the $500 FO at the Wynn where i lasted 20 minutes, the other was a nice FLO8 game in the Venetian.

I really can't wait to get back to Vegas!

Anyway this month i have been playing the usual comps with the addition, during this last week, of the 5 gold rings festival on Blue Square. I played the $200 NLHE, $300 PLHE, $100 PLO rebuy and the $500 NLHE. I had a minor cash in the $200, busted early in the $300, spent a fortune in the PLO and got deep in the $500 only to run KK into AA. Not a succesfull week!

Anyway i just wanted to say i am still here and will be back blogging more regularly. I have one piece of news that i would like to share. The Dusk Till Dawn online card room has just launched, i have been tasked with assisting in the growth of the online card room. It's a skin on the Cryptologic network, which looks like it is positiong itself very well in the post US player market. Anyway quick spam about DTD, you will not be able to get more rake back on Crypto than you can through DTD, you will also as a member of the on-line site you will enjoy other benefits such as being able to register for tournaments in the DTD Live club which will open in the Spring. Anyway if you want to check it out click here when you download it if you would be so kind as to put "flushy" in the DTD code field. Thank you.

Also those of you who may be interested in DTD player sponsorship please take a moment to check out the DTD Trader scheme page here

Right now i am off to grind my short stack in the Tribeca $15k!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Watch this space

Hello one and all, i have been away for a couple of weeks in Singapore and Vegas and we are now mid Brighton festival, i will post a proper update soon.