Saturday, January 20, 2007

A mixed bag

Since i posted my intention for the year i have had mixed results, i took a trip to the Western when at Jamie's and won a little cash in the £50 Freeze, nothing special but it was a bit of fun. The better result was still to come though, when we got back i played the $5k 1am comp on Tribeca that i haven't played for ages. I was reduced to 200 chips on the first level (20-40) yet somehow managed to come back and then go on to crush the field, i was playing a super LAG style and had 50% of the chips before the final had even begun. I took it down for just short of $3k. A good result and nice to log the first victory of the year.

I returned home the next day happy that i was off the mark, i was going to play a heavy few days then go to the GPT event. I played my usual Sunday comps but also noticed a GPT $250FO sat on BSQ so thought i may as well. The comp ran golden for me, i was up to 5k pretty quickly and up to 10k way before the rest of the players. I never got myself into any trouble and found myself with a $2.5k package. Even though the later stages were plagued with my mates Steve and Jacko who were staying at the flat coming in drunk, having schooled Jungle at a few games of pool.

So not a bad start to the year just under 6k up by this point, unfortunately thats where it ended, i went on a very cold run up to the GPT, i cashed one other time for the rest of the week over 35 comps. Such is the joy of tournament poker, since getting back from the GPT i have been quite ill but have started playing again and it seems the run is set to continue. I have dropped just under 4k in tournament buyins since winning that sat which is one of my more impressive down-swings. I am confident it will improve though and if not no worry i can leave the net along next week as its the Brighton January sales festival!

I'll be posting a GPT report either later today or tomorrow aswell.


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