Monday, January 08, 2007

A new year a new outlook.

Last year i was happy with my performance i made 88k from 880 tournaments, $100/comp. Thats pretty good and although 880 tournaments sounds a lot it really isn't, i have started the new year on a new regime. I am play a set tournament schedule each night that improves my efficiency and hopefully my bottom line!

This approach was partially brought about by the forthcoming closure of Tribeca, i have been very reliant on Tribeca to provide my gaming, i now realise it is risky to rely entirely on 1 site. So i have spread my play more, extending too DTD, Full Tilt and Poker Stars, i may even make a return to Party.....ok maybe not.

Anyway as of this year i am following a schedule that means i start playing at 8PM each night with 4 tournaments. They are the Tribeca $20k ($19.8 rebuy) the DTD £12k (£50+£5 freeze) the Poker Stars $25k ($50+$5) and the Full Tilt $20k ($150+$13 freeze) playing just these 4 comps each day would massively increase the number from last year. I am though adding more, dependent on my state in the '8PM 4' the other comps that fit on my short-list are the $10k $69+$6 freeze on Full tilt at 9PM the £8k (£25+£2) on DTD at 9:30pm the $50+$5 freezeouts on both DTD and Stars at 10PM and the $15k ($28.35 rebuy) on Tribeca at 10:45PM

The big surprise for me is that lack of the $100+$9 on BSQ (Tribeca) at 10PM, they went and removed the guarantee on it just before Christmas and i now no longer see it warranting screen space as it takes a long time for little potential reward.

After that first wave of tournaments i have the second wave that consist of a $20 rebuy omaha and holdem comps on stars, together with the $50 freeze and $28.35 rebuy on tribeca. This month also see's the best comp of the night, the $100 Freezeout on Mansion with a $100,000 g'td pool every night! It starts at 3PM and as far i haven't seen it break 500 runners. Valoooooooo.

The question is how often am i going to play these 'full shifts' part of the enjoyment of playing poker full time is allowing yourself time of when you want, i think last year i got the balance wrong, i took far too much time off and wasted potential earnings, this year i want to really knuckle down and be more professional about it, i want to be able to purchase some property so i have another source of income, then i can sit back and let the money roll in.....well not quite.

So how often will i play this year, at the moment i have it in my head to play all the GUKPT events and each of the Brighton Festivals, that actually equates to quite a lot of festivals (10 GUKPT and i think 8 Brighton) the key here is that they are not week long excursions where i am wasting money on expenses etc, in Brighton i will be able to play online if i am knocked out early and the GUKPT are 3 day events so i will spend minimal time away and less on expenses. There is of course the need for days off to enjoy myself, at the moment i can't see myself 'working' on Tuesdays, i am having a lot of fun down in the Casino on Tuesday nights in the £20 rebuy, it might not seem like a 'night off' but it is, much enjoyment to be had. I will also take time out for little trips away, i would like to go to Vegas a couple of times this year and i would also like to head to Florida for a bit and rent a plane (i am a commercial pilot for those of you who are new to the blog) and have some fun doing that, it was the best time of my life when i was living there whilst training, even though i was a little poorer!

I know i haven't mentioned cash games yet, and that's for good reason, i am just shit at them, the sooner i convince myself of that the better, i made dust last year on them, it's just a waste of time for me, i could spend the time to get better and really learn them but i really don't see the need, i can make enough through tournaments. The one game i will be coming back too though is NLHE HU SNG's these are a great little money spinner for me and i will play these when i find myself not in a game, so before 8PM if i am up and at the PC, and then after the nights comps if i bust early.

I guess what i am saying is no more pissing about, lets earn some money!

For now though i am on a train bound for Reevio's house (Jamie-Host from Blue Square) which basically undermines all of what i just said about taking time off, still it should be fun!


Blogger reevio said...

Seeing as you took down $3k online on the Saturday night I think you can forgive yourself though! :)

Next time we'll cane the Laddies game for longer and get on the beers. This no drinking malarkey is rubbish!

6:00 PM  
Blogger richard trigg said...

dunno how you can play so many comps in a night m8,

it bores me ridgid, im getting more into the cash games because of my reliance on tribeca.

see ya in bolton mug

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting stuff james,
must bend your ear when next we meet...prob bolton

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

James l think what u need, is a GOOD SLAP, just to waken u up for 2007. Come and see me in Bolton and l will sort it out.....lololololololololol.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

$88k profit ? Really????

This must all be on Blue Square as you do not win anywhere else.

1:51 PM  
Blogger Royal Flush said...

Anon: It was mostly on Blue Square, about 60k there and 15k on Crypto with a few thousand on some other sites.

Hi Mick was good to meet you in Bolton, see you in Walsall.

Hi Jules was good to see you in Bolton as well although you seemed to depart rather quickly! I read your online results for 2006, i was surprised at a net loss but it seems you know what the problem is at least! Hic.

Rick i am going to give it a go, it might not work out but i think its worth a shot :D I don't get bored as long as i get deep, that's when i really love my poker. I am not good at cash games and have given up the hope of getting good, i am sure i could do well if i put the time in to learn but i don't have the desire to do so.

Yeah Jamie that was quite sweet, had a lot of fun playing that too, being super aggressive :D Sadly i followed it with a shocking run of results (except a GPT sat win) but then a cash at the GPT so it can't all be bad! I will be posting a report on the week before the GPT event and the GPT event itself in the next couple of days but i am not well at the moment so will leave it for now.

5:24 PM  

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