Saturday, December 30, 2006

Merry Christmas and a happy $15k to you

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, for me it was a nice break from poker for a few days.

I have not been doing to well this month, running at break even point, that was until last night when i managed to take the $15k down on Tribeca again, it was a very good comp for me, i picked up a stack early and never really looked back, had an unlucky spot on the final table but i outdrew my way out of it and then played the most passive HU game ever, 45 minutes and he never raised a hand!

I am going to post a few hands in a separate post when i sort them out so i can post some thoughts up, i played some hands in a very unorthodox manner.

I am updating a few things on the blog, i have added two new bloglinks, the claimer and Alex Martin, both play a fair bit on Tribeca, however they have massively different styles, both blogs are a good read.

I will also be adding a banner when i can figure out how, its for DTD and will take you directly to this page where you can download the DTD software, please note there is a $25k freeroll at the end of Jan for new players, it breaks down like this:

1st = $15,000 WSOP Package
2nd = $4,000
3rd = $3,000
4th = $2,000
5th = $1,000

If you download via the link above, or by clicking the banner you are eligible to play this raked hands freeroll just by making a deposit! as well as receiving 30% rakeback.

I almost forgot, i have been engaged in a rather amusing debate on the hendon mob forum with a chap named Mick McCool, i will post a summary of it once the thread has died, its most amusing.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...


You really need some HTML skills m8 ;)

Nice win BTW.

On a side note re Mick McCool - He is a genuine nice bloke and I think it would be better to leave that topic to die now.
Maybe he was having a bad run? I dont know and dont want to know. But I really would leave it, no one likes having their cage rattled and you (like me) seem to be able to do that without even trying!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope to see regular updates this year flushyfish


1:25 PM  

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