Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Southampton, Dublin and good old Tribeca!

I haven't been on to update for a while, sorry about that, i haven't played a massive amount though.

Since the last update i managed to win the $200 fo and $20 rebuy on Tribeca on the 28th. That got me $4000 and $1500 on the first i had my first decent Full Tilt cash, $1700 for 3rd in the $75 fo, i got very unlucky in this but what's new! On the 12th i had a good score in the $100 freezeout on William Hill i got 2nd to a very deserving opponent for $4850, if he wasn't sat 1 to my left on the final i think i might have won it! I didn't play again till last night when i got a 3rd in the blue square 100 and then 2nd in the 15k, the guy who won it was very drunk which was rather annoying as i got in a pot HU for half the chips that i am pretty sure would have given me the win, even more annoying with tribeca's new payouts. $2750 for 2nd and $5900 for 1st!

In between all this i played the Southampton main event, i managed to turn my 10k starting stack into 68k by level 4! With 680k in play this was awesome, sadly i went card dead then cold decked and never made day 2!

This weekend saw the ICHUC 4 nations challenge, i captained the 8 strong English team into battle over in Dublin. We had a good run in it, with 32 runners the comp ended with an all Irish semi and an all English Semi (cheers Wales and Scotland for donating) the situation was if Ireland won the final they won and if we won it would be a draw (was a team points system) Ken Doherty triumphed over our Kevin Conway (a qualifier from VC, plays as AAplz)

It was a great fun weekend though, if only to see Matthew Stevens that drunk! The next day myself Pab and TheClaimer played a €250 freezeout in Drogheda, a town about 45mins from Dublin, it was a very good comp and although myself and Pab busted out Rick (TheClaimer) managed a credible 3rd place.

I know this hasnt been the best update! Not much detail but i wanted to get caught up! I am off to Singapore on Saturday for a week, then off to Vegas the day after i get back as well. Singapore is the Betfair Asian Poker Tour, should be great fun!

Also a note, i have added a couple of blog links on the right, please do check these out!


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